June 10, 2024

The hotel business is not an easy one. A good owner must be able to organise a complete environment to which the customer wants to return again and again. This applies to cleanliness, smells, comfort and quality of the cuisine as well as to the interior. A traveller who wants to stay overnight will obviously...

March 11, 2024

Creative concepts, fresh ideas and innovations in the field of residential design, which constantly emerge in the creative environment of designers, architects, manufacturers of furniture and finishing materials, set the vector of interior design development for the coming years. New interior design trends discussed at exhibitions and forums can be very extravagant and innovative, but...

February 17, 2024

It is said, “Everyone who doesn’t have a home would like to buy one. Everyone who has a home would like to sell it”. For a number of reasons, Poland is now at the peak of property prices. Over the past year, the price of property in Warsaw has risen by 21%. And investors are...

December 4, 2023

Author supervision and design supervision are perhaps the most painful topics in the designer-client relationship. Ideally, the design should first be fully developed with the selection of all finishing materials, furnishings, furniture, fittings and the creation of all technical drawings and specifications. Only then can the renovation and construction work begin. During the renovation, the...

September 9, 2023
Amazing Interiors - Projektanci wnętrz Warszawa

He was compared to Salvador Dali in terms of design: Mollino cultivated his unusual appearance with a thick black moustache and the theatrically grim gaze of an operetta villain. The conditions under which Mollino worked with his furniture makers are well-known: they were only allowed to work at weekends at night, so that no one could complete his most important design, the Genius three-legged chair. Carlo Mollino designed this famous object in 1950.

July 29, 2023
Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe

A few days ago, we were approached by a builder friend who had decided to set up his own business of carrying out complex renovations. The crux of his request was: save me! His new client urgently needs an interior design. The budget for the renovation of the entire flat is just £80,000...

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Many people have a craving for design in early childhood, when a child collects cubes and tries to build some figure from them. A real designer is a person who has not lost his or her love for creativity and creation. That is why we pass this skill on to our clients as best we can.
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