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Every client is a new story, new challenges, new concerns. We treat every client with care. That's why their feedback will be more eloquent than any words.

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We design interiors for people of different incomes, of different ages, for private investors and companies. But what unites them is that each of our clients deserves a good interior.

See if perhaps one of our clients’ stories is similar to yours? Read our clients references here and let’s start working with you personally!

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Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Igor, 29 years old. Programmer.
When I arrived in Warsaw, I didn’t know a word of Polish. I don’t know how I would have managed without the help of Helena who speaks my language’.

Forced to move from Belarus after the events of 2020. He bought himself a new studio flat in Warsaw, and at the time of the move knew little about the new city. Igor turned to us for help.


We took on the project with author’s supervision. The entire design and documentation package was agreed upon. The renovation was carried out by a team of Ukrainian builders, so we also solved Igor’s language problem.

Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Martha, 22 years old. A student.
I don’t understand anything about construction, and I’m afraid of rough builders. It is so good that Helena took on the function of communicating with them, and managed to fit into my budget.

The young girl inherited her first flat from her grandmother. She had some money provided by her parents, but she only has a part-time job herself. But she really wanted to have a modern, trendy interior.


We offered to customise one of the pre-designed projects for Martha, which made the project more than half the cost. We then coordinated all the work with the builders. As a result, we managed to fit into a small student budget.

Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Katie, 47. Finance Director.
I was allowed to become my own interior designer. The studio collected my ideas in one box and tied a ribbon around it!

She works in a large international company, and tries to combine work and running a household. Despite the lack of time, she is sure that only she, not her husband, decides how to decorate her new flat.


We learnt the requirements of all Katie’s family members and allowed her to participate in the design on a schedule that suited her. Moreover, we had no idea that we would have such a pleasure working with this family.

Amazing Interiors - Mr Bishop
George Bishop, RFE Development
I was really happy with the result that ‘Amazing Interiors’ studio has achieved in our new interiors. Highly recommendable!

The British company invests in new buildings and sells refurbished properties to clients, including for specific businesses. Our studio developed three projects for the company, which were realised in London, Riga and Vilnius.


An office for the company was designed, as well as two flats in new buildings in a modern style. All properties have already been quickly sold. You can find these projects in our portfolio.

Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Egita, 31 years old. Sales manager.
We needed a solution for two years. But we were so happy with the solution that Helena offered that we decided to renovate the whole flat.

The family lives in a small one-room flat of 35 square metres in the Virsuliškis district of Vilnius. After the second child grew up, they needed to renovate the only room. It was necessary to find a place for the four members of the family. The family is planning to move to a bigger flat, but it will happen in two years at the earliest.


We came up with a solution with bunk beds that also serve as a desk, and a comfortable fold-out sofa for the parents. The family really liked the solution, which you can see in our portfolio.

Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Mariusz, 48. An Entrepreneur.
Without exaggeration, the studio ‘Amazing Interiors’ saved me several thousand euros that I almost lost due to a freelancer’s mistake.

One of his projects is a network of low-cost apartments all over Warsaw, which are rented out. Marek approached us on recommendation with a request to redesign a project with a lot of errors created by a novice freelancer.


Having analysed the project, we found that the project could be saved by replacing a number of materials and redoing the drawings. The result is a vandal-proof flat project that can be easily rebuilt after the tenants move out.

Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe
Magda, 69 years old, retired.
You completely fulfilled our needs. We didn’t want to live in a vintage interior, but we really wished to keep the atmosphere of a 70-years old house.

When the children grew up and moved to different countries, Magda and her husband decided to move to a smaller flat closer to the city centre. Their eldest daughter, who lives in London, decided to present her parents with a flat renovation project.


We asked Magda and her husband about their habits and designed a relaxed, modern classic interior that perfectly matches the inter-war apartment block in Warsaw’s Zoliborz neighbourhood. You can see it in the list of our projects.


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Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe

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Many people have a craving for design in early childhood, when a child collects cubes and tries to build some figure from them. A real designer is a person who has not lost his or her love for creativity and creation. That is why we pass this skill on to our clients as best we can.
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