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Amazing Interiors is not just a studio. It's a group of friends who share a love of beauty, design, travelling and improving the lives of all kinds of people.
We're a group of designers, visualisers, business analysts, marketers and professional builders who make a common cause.

OUR AMAZING INTERIORSA word to the Founder of the Studio

It happens in life that one never knows what will happen to you in a few years. For many years I worked as a financial director of a large firm with twenty branches. It is interesting, but who would have thought that the desire to design new interior would become the basis for getting a second higher education!

Since 2016, we have been developing a business related to marketing and business analytics, but our favourite part is, of course, residential interior design. With Bartłomiej, who is responsible for technical part, we work with group of designers, each with a different vision for the interior.

What can we offer our customer?

  1.  We accompany our clients’ business from the very first step. We help our business clients to create new business and attract new customers.
  2. We work only with employees who have a university degree in architecture or design. Our client will never get a designer who learnt the complex science of design on a three-day course on the internet.
  3. We strive do not assign a fixed price for 1 square metre of repair. Our prices are always competitive. After all, there is always an opportunity to save money and reduce the cost of the project without compromising on quality. For example, a 70 square metre flat with one living room will require much less labour from the designer than the same size flat with three rooms plus a kitchen.
  4. We promise realistic deadlines. You will not get a flat project in three days. It takes at least a month or two to work on the project of a two-room flat! A sportsman cannot move at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour, as well as a designer cannot create a project with drawings in a week.

I invite you to use our services!

Helena Woropaj

Helena Woropaj

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Our designer Helena


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CONFIDING USAnd these are our esteemed partners

Only the best consumables and furniture offered by our partners will be selected for your project.
We have special discounts on some furniture items, which we will be happy to share with you. It may happen that our price will be lower than what you will find in the shop.
You can count on full support of your project, including author's supervision.
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HOW DO WE DO ITHow looks our design process

Do you know how does the designer communicate his idea to the client? And then how should the customer, based on the designer's idea, communicate the idea to the builders?

Check how looks full process of project development in details - from the beginning to its execution.
Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe

HAPPY CLIENTSOthers about our work

You know what the fun part of being a designer is? It's the opportunity to see how your work changes the lives of the most ordinary people who become your friends at the end of the job.
Amazing Interiors - Mr Bishop

I was really happy with the end result that ‘Amazing Interiors’ made on our newest  interior. Highly recommendable!

George Bishop, RFE Development

WHAT ELSE DO WE DOServices we can offer you

We are happy to provide you with residential, commercial and office design services with the level of quality you are used to.

Calculate your project price in 2 minutes

You can immediately find out the cost of your project right now. We will calculate the cost more precisely when we analyse your assignment.
Amazing Interiors - interior design in Warsaw and throughout Europe

Let’s design together

Many people have a craving for design in early childhood, when a child collects cubes and tries to build some figure from them. A real designer is a person who has not lost his or her love for creativity and creation. That is why we pass this skill on to our clients as best we can.
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Reading room for the children’s library
Modern interior interpretation in Bauhaus style
Interior with a summer mood
A 35 metre flat for a family of four
Summer terrace on the roof of an office building
Loft in a small flat

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