10 major trends in interior design for 2024 – 2025

March 11, 2024by admin

Creative concepts, fresh ideas and innovations in the field of residential design, which constantly emerge in the creative environment of designers, architects, manufacturers of furniture and finishing materials, set the vector of interior design development for the coming years.

New interior design trends discussed at exhibitions and forums can be very extravagant and innovative, but only the most practical of them are embodied in real projects. Today we will talk about ten current ideas and trends in interior design in 2024-2025 on the example of photos of novelties from the portfolios of design bureaus.


1. Eco-friendliness.

Ecology is still the main fashion trend in the world of interior design for 2024 and 2025. This implies not only maximising human proximity to nature, but also respecting the environment and creating a safe and practical living environment. The huge number of interiors dedicated to ecology at modern interior exhibitions allows us to say that this trend will continue for a long time, and such interiors will remain relevant for many years. Therefore, the focus is on the use of natural or innovative artificial materials that will last for many years, a natural palette and comfortable lighting. The most popular materials include: wood (in the form of slatted, embossed or flat panels, beams, planks), concrete, metal, natural stone, mats and reed wallpaper, as well as authentic murals or their skilful imitation.

2. Textured materials.

Unusual and vibrant textures placed at the centre of a composition is another current interior design trend for 2024 and 2025. Natural materials (natural stone, bricks, matt wood, leather) will be the priority, but their realistic copies are also in demand. Textured materials can imitate the pattern of leather or animal skins, natural materials. And LED strip placed along the edge of such a material will help to accentuate the relief of the “skin”.

3. Retro touches in the interior.

Mid-century Modern on the background of the popular fascination with retro continues to be relevant. Everything that is connected with the 20th century, especially with the middle of the 20th century, is gaining popularity. You can take out your grandmother’s old rugs, put them on the floor or hang them on the wall – it will all be trendy and modern. Vintage details – furniture, furnishings, accessories, lamps, fittings from the mid-20th century – add to the atmosphere and make it more interesting. They can be integrated into both classic and modern spaces, so designers are happy to use such things in their projects. To bring unobtrusive retro-notes into the interior, you will need very little: a leather sofa with a “carriage” tie, “grandmotherly” mats and rugs, stylised as antique dishes, imitation of aged wood and brick.

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4. Pink-apricot colour has become topical.

Interiors of recent years tend to be grey and faded. Pantone suggests the colour of the year the Pantone 1023 Peach Fuzz. This colour is not pink, but rather pink-apricot. If you like this colour, you can add it to your interior.

Delicate shades of pink, along with neutral beige and grey, are now among the top 5 most fashionable colours in clothing and interiors. They combine well with cream, milky, golden and green tones. In the interior, armchairs and chairs, countertops and designer kitchen appliances, curtains and cushions can be pink this season. It is necessary to choose the right shade, which should be pleasant and unobtrusive. Its purpose is to remind you of delicious berry and dairy desserts and create an uplifting mood.

5. Soft minimalism.

Minimalism still tops the list of interior design styles of 2024-2025. Its peculiarity in this season is the softening of minimalism, which shows characteristics of other styles. Minimalism 2025 includes warm colours in beige tones, light wood and lots of textiles. Laconic furniture of strict geometric shapes and designer interior items will fit perfectly into soft minimalism: a bright armchair, original coffee or coffee table, floor lamp and bar stools upholstered in lush green fabric. You can make the interior even more atmospheric and cosy with the help of warm LED lighting – it can be placed along the perimeter of the ceiling, under the hanging kitchen cabinets, in the TV area.

6. Furniture modules and transformers.

Fashion for the interior has touched and furniture – today in the trend are multifunctional models and mobile modules. These solutions include a frameless sofa consisting of several segments that can be transformed at your will, a kitchen island that acts as a bar counter, and a console chest of drawers with a built-in fireplace. Such furniture does not overload the space, is easy to use and allows you to easily change the interior without additional costs.

7. Scandinavian motifs.

Due to the similarity of climatic conditions, the motifs of northern nature and Scandinavian style fit harmoniously into modern European interiors. You can present them point by point, for example, adding to the laconic minimalist project woven rugs with patterns of the peoples of the north, textured pillowcases and blankets with hygge tassels. It is better to combine the composition with a neutral palette based on the current combination of beige-brown and grey shades. Such colours have a calming effect, evoking associations with the natural tones of wood and stone.

8. Maximum transparency.

The times when glass partitions could be found only in offices are long gone. Back in 2019, our studio was faced with the task of preserving the visual space of a small flat with a bedroom by means of a transparent partition. This trend of using glass partitions is still in place and will be relevant in 2024 – 2025 as well. Today, such structures are in great demand for zoning spacious living spaces and studio flats. Glass partition can be stationary, sliding, in the format of double swinging doors – the choice depends on the style and features of the interior. The most functional are designs made of smart glass, which can provide privacy if necessary. A partition made of ordinary tempered glass or triplex can be supplemented with a textile curtain.

9. Graphic Monochrome.

The combination of black and white – this is a classic of the interior, and classics, as we know, never go out of fashion. But modern design trends declare more complex colour solutions, so designers boldly complement the black and white tandem with halftones and the game of textures. When using black and white interiors, the emphasis on technology is reflected in the aesthetics of the interior, forming a new trend. In combination with monochrome in a high-tech style, the solution looks truly conceptual! It can become the basis of an ultra-trendy living space not only for new flats in a modern residential complex, but also for a typical flat purchased on the secondary market.
At the same time, white always remains the dominant colour, and black is present in the accents. This technique makes the interior expressive, but allows you to retain a sense of air and space. And thanks to warm LED lighting, the space starts to look complex and voluminous.

10. Unobtrusive cabinets for storing things.

According to the ideology of modern interior design, living space should be comfortable, spacious and cosy, and storage systems are better moved to a separate room, organising a full-fledged dressing room. If this is not possible, small rooms are designed to make cabinets invisible. And the more invisible the storage system, the less information noise in the room.
Hiding cabinets can be done in many ways. The simplest of them – to design customised built-in wardrobes, hide their walls and complement them with blind facades without handles. Then the cabinets will be perceived as the walls themselves. And to make the composition look more dynamic, the blank fronts of the storage system can be broken by a narrow “vertical” with lighting and shelves for books and accessories.

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